Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Just Wasted a Lot of Time Doing This

Because we live in a celebrity obsessed society, because I am actually kind of fascinated by facial recognition software and because occasionally I'd like to believe that maybe I do look like Nikki Cox, I spent some time on finding my celebrity look-alikes.

My favorite - Melanie C .... The Spice Girl

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neurotic? Me Too.

Something about going to Node with Mike sans chain smoking really threw me off today.
I felt like I was missing out on an enjoyable activity essential to the very act of drinking an espresso-based beverage and eating a banana muffin, inevitably leading me to lack a sense of caffeinated fulfillment.
Upon arriving home where my skewed sense of nostalgia directed me to obsessively organize my bookshelf while irrationally pondering at which point in my life I had led myself astray from normalcy, from contentedness, I attempted to contact another similarly skewed enough to understand my current neurosis to no avail.
My irrationality led me to believe, whether true or false, that this inability to connect was the result of some assured and irreversible wrongdoing on my part.
I gave up on picking up last night's empty beer bottles and vacuuming the hundreds of fallen leaves tracked through the apartment and crushed into the carpets and instead, took a nap with Khaptka.

Welcome to my mind.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

"I don't want my shower to consist of salsa and chips."

Everyone ---

I'm gonna be an Auntie!!!

Lisa sits down next to me all nonchalantly, looks at me and says, "Guess what?"
I naturally reply with, "You're pregnant?" as is my reply to most questions.
Her response - "How'd you know?!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why My Boss is Cooler Than Yours

My boss is probably the greatest boss ever and I'll tell you why.

I work for Goodwill Industries of South East Wisconsin, Inc. Unfortunately I don't get to work in the snazzy brand new corporate offices which means occasionally we will have to drive the five miles to the corporate offices to drop things off or pick things up. There is a massive Goodwill store attached to the corporate office that apparently my boss cannot help but look through evertime he tries to run a simple errand.

I finally decided that my boss was the greatest boss ever when he returned from the corporate offices / Goodwill store with a gift for me. Something for my desk actually. He walks in the office and says,

"Jenny, I got you something at the Goodwill store. It was SO hideous that I just HAD to buy it for you. It's for your desk. It's a faux cucumber topiary!"

This thing is SO ugly.... and I LOVE it. It's completely up my alley as far as hideous trinkets I might put on my desk go.

I do not have a photo of this gem, but I do have a photo of a llama topiary which is almost as ridiculous. Enjoy!

Other reasons my boss is cool:
-We will occasionally waste an entire day talking nonsense in the office.
-He is trying to convince corporate to let both of us go to a conference in Madison (even though the exact same conference is held in Milwaukee as well) so that we can collect mileage, get out of an entire day of work and go to one of his favorite restaurants if we get bored with the presentations.