Sunday, January 14, 2007

Listen ASS! ....

Everyone. Listen up. Rather, read and take note. Get a pen, I'll wait.
Ok? Good.
Pull out the day planner cause I've got something important we need to discuss.
For the last two years, all of us camping allstars have missed the coveted jumping rock. We've missed rock climbing and we still have a 360 acre lake to conquer. Alas, this is all our fault. You know why? I'll tell you why. We never get our shit together early enough to reserve a good campsite is what it is. We may forever end up camping near lakes that look like iodine and on land free of glacial formations if we don't do something about it now!

Thusly, I propose that we make Camping Extravaganza '07: Another Year of Sad Choices reservations now. This will not only allow us to camp in the oft desired Ice Age region, but keep any scheduling conflicts (ie the wedding of some stupid girl that no one likes) preventing key allstars from attending from occurring.
Courtney's birthday generally being our scheduling compass might make July 27th through the 29th a good time to eat cake. If this is no good for any of you, we may also enjoy belated birthday celebrations for Abby and Cici with a bottle of sake and a deck of cards on August 3rd through 5th.
Please comment with thoughts, scheduling conflicts, potential itineraries and commitments.