Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On Poor Grammar and the Fall of Man

Today, being Fat Tuesday, prompts me to reflect on the nature of Christianity, concupiscence and excess.

Firstly, on the topic of humanity's concupiscence. There's this guy in Indiana that, for whatever reason, thinks I'm cool and would like to start a relationship with me. That's great and all because we all know that after what I will refer to as "the Tim Fiasco" it would be fabulous to date someone with an ounce of integrity. Although this man is a nice fellow, there is one problem, significant enough to possibly keep me from dating him. Call me pretentious, but this man has poor grammar and I just can't see myself with someone who confuses classics like there and their or your and you're. Do I have any other dating prospects? The chances seem slim. Anyone? Anyone?
Someone ask me on a date already.

On another topic, I would like to enlighten you with a piece of knowledge I gained in my addiction seminar. There is a girl in the class who hates ethical theory. That's all fine and dandy as it is not my cup of tea either. But, the professor chimes in with the fact that philosophical discourse is relevant to any sort of democracy in that one must decide how to treat others. However, her solution to this matter was not to concede the point, but rather to say that Anarchy is the best form of government. Upon hearing arguments from the rest of the class as to why Anarchy can never work in practice, she comes back with what can only be considered a gem of a statement:

"Well, we need government now because there are too many rules. In the beginning there was only One rule. If it weren't for the fall of man, anarchy would be the ideal way to run things."

This is mostly the reason religious people get a bad rap - because people like this girl claim the "fall of man" as a legitimate excuse to a current state of government.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Cool Kid Club

Today I decided to waste a good amount of time. I thought this could best be accomplished by reading a magazine and watching TV. Sadly, there were no magazines in my apartment to be read and Michael Anthony was immersed in some historical documentary lasting hours. My only option was to begin my blog. So here I am, trying to think of good blog topics.

My brainstorm:
1) the stupid kids in my addiction seminar
2) mundane and/or extraordinary happenings at apartment K
3) concerts I will talk about seeing and yet, fail to see
4) the random things I hear people say and my thoughts related to them.

That being said, along the lines of #4- I was in Madison this weekend hanging out with a great indie-pop band from Austin. We were walking down State Street in an attempt to show these out of towners the quintessential Madison experience when I happened to overhear this snippet from a passerby:

"Most people don't really like it, but the one time I was hooked up to an IV, it was the greatest time of my life."